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Removable and Fixed Dentures

The area of restorative dentistry has got distinctly important in the last few years. A lot of patients suffer massive destruction of the dental substance caused bydecay, periodontal problems or inherent malformations of teeth. This can lead to early tooth loss or destructions that do not only affect the aesthetic negatively but also the biological function of chewing. Nowadays long lasting, aesthetically flawless restorations are demanded from the dentists due to that.

When the number and the position of the existent teethis no longer enough to support a fixed dental device, a removable prosthesis is to be made (if implantation is not an option). At total adontia (toothless status) two solutions are in the run:

1.    Full denture

This is the device to wear if no tooth could be preserved, and implantation is not an option. This artificial dentition simply lies on the upper or lower jaw and only in the upper jaw the prosthesis is. The more degraded the jaw ridge, the worse the hold of the prosthesis, whereat relining or adhesive agents only permit temporary easing.

2.    Full denture fixated on implants (overdenture)

Lasting hold only implants can promise – artificial dental roots – at which prostheses can be applied in various ways. Today it is even possible to achieve a fixed denture solution with less implants. Ask for All-on-4 implant solutions.

In the upper jaw, as well as in the lower jaw, at least 2 implants, but ideally 4 implants should be applied. The implants can hold the denture by precision attachments. An enhanced feeling of security is ensured.
In case of partial adontia the following solutions are in the run:

3.    Removable synthetic- partial denture

The reasonably priced, but for the remaining teeth an unfavourable prosthesis solution. The prosthesis lies on the gingiva or rather the bone structure and is applied to the teeth with wire clamps. These ones can lead to the injury or damageof the still remaining teeth on the long run. We mostly only use this solution as a provisional prosthesis 2.    Removable cast partial denture. This one consists of a base plate lying on the gingiva and castclasps comprising the teeth. On this metal base a gingival mask made out of synthetic and artificial teeth are applied. For some of the existing residual teeth special crown are made that can hold the removable part in a fixed position.

4.    Telescopic denture

If the residual set of teeth only consists of 2-3 teeth, this solutionis the best. These teeth are prepared by the dentist for special crowns., The dental technician produces precise primary and secondary crowns on the basis of the dental impression. The primary crown is cemented to the tooth and the secondary crown is embedded into the denture. Telescopic dentures are made out of noble metal alloying. Dentures of this kind display a high functional stability and a good aesthetic.

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