Years later, back to the dentist

I am the type of patient who only goes to the dentist when something goes wrong, when things are really bad. My teeth had become discoloured, my gums infected, and I felt something was wrong with my old bridge. As the conditions in my mouth deteriorated, my mood went sour, my appetite decreased, and in such a state my self-confidence diminished, so my social life was in ruins. This all made it apparent that it was time to seek dental help.
An examination revealed that the bridge on my upper front teeth could break at any time: that day, the next week or next month. Also, the dentist said that the teeth under the bridge, and the gum around them, were in terrible condition.
A couple of years earlier all my upper teeth had been removed on both sides, so I couldn’t fathom losing my front ones and having no teeth at all on the upper arch. So, I decided to do something, to overcome my fears and start a journey toward a healthy smile.

Madenta, where business is taken seriously

At home, I got a treatment plan and price offer from an Icelandic dentist, but I wanted to weigh my options before I decided, so I investigated further.
After asking around, reading a lot of reviews on the Internet, and reviewing various dental clinics’ websites, I contacted two Polish dental clinics and two Hungarian ones. One of them was Madenta whose website was very compelling, plus they had the unique feature of working with native-speaker contact persons, such as Gunnar.

Then, I sent out my “ear-to-ear” X-Ray via email and within a few days I had received four offers. It was shocking to see the difference in approach. First of all, the prices of the East European dental clinics were significantly lower than the Icelandic dentists’. But there were also other differences. The two Polish clinics and the other Hungarian one sent back only cost estimates; not real suggestions, only numbers.
But when I had a look at Madenta’s offer, it was apparent that the clinic takes its business seriously. Their treatment plan was beautifully detailed. It showed the status quo of my mouth and how it would improve via the treatment.

The solution: All-on-4

They offered an implantation method called “All-on-4”. According to the plan, all my remaining upper teeth were to be extracted and replaced by four implants that can hold a full bridge.

When the treatment plan came back, Gunnar presented it to me. I requested that he make some time to be able to answer my questions, but his explanation was so detailed that I had no further questions… 😊

He explained the great advantages of the state-of-the-art All-on-4 implant technology: specially designed implants are inserted at a special angle so they can be used immediately, which means that the patient can receive a temporary, fixed bridge as early as the day after tooth extraction and implant insertion! It is a much more advanced technique than the one that was offered by the Icelandic clinic, yet the grand total for treatment was significantly lower than the cost of treatment in Iceland. Due to their poorly detailed plans, the other three clinics lost my interest. So the choice was obvious – Madenta and the All-on-4 concept!

Arriving to Budapest for the first time

With the help of Gunnar, flights, accommodation and appointments were arranged, and on a beautiful April day, along with my wife who joined me to give me support, I landed in Budapest. This time I stayed for a week.

Being familiar only with Icelandic healthcare, I only expected to meet my dentist on the first day for a consultation, and probably an X-ray, then having my teeth extracted on the second day and getting the implants on the third. But this is not how it happened. I arrived at Madenta, anxious and scared, and met Dr György Péter, one of their surgeons.
From the moment I entered the clinic’s beautiful setting, my heartbeat started slowing, and after a few minutes with Dr Péter, I felt fairly relaxed.

An unexpectedly busy day in the name of the All-on-4 concept

And I stayed like that even when I learnt that everything would happen right there and then: my teeth would be extracted, and implants inserted – a very different method than how they do it in Iceland! I did not even have time to think about it, and in retrospect it was the best way to do it.

The surgery went well, and the most uncomfortable part of the procedure was the anaesthesia shots. Everything was explained, down to the smallest detail. Dr Péter talked me through the whole process, so nothing came unexpectedly. During the operation Icelandic folk music was playing in the OR to relieve my stress. This was a kind gesture.
After removing my front teeth, Dr Péter immediately installed four implant screws and a plastic temporary crown (called “chairside crown”) was inserted, so I did not go toothless even for a single day.
When I got back to the hotel, I slept 4 hours. In the evening I had soup for dinner and a nice chat with my wife, so it was like the end of a “normal day”. I wasn’t in pain at all. I think this was due to the special care taken while they worked on my mouth.

Temporary bridge makes a huge difference

The next morning I was in Dr Árpád Nagy’s chair. He took a dental impression of my mouth with an intra-oral scanner. By the next day, based on the scan impression, my temporary bridge had been fashioned in the dental laboratory.
The moment it was inserted into my mouth is unforgettable. I felt that something important was happening: the quality of my life went up a few notches in just seconds.

And not just that: that was the moment when I decided to have it ALL – I mean, not just the rehabilitation of my upper teeth, but also the rehab of my lower ones. Never before had I considered the prospect of a fully restored smile. It was such a sudden thought, an aching desire, that I can’t even recall how it came to me.

I asked Dr Nagy about it, and within a few minutes he had prepared a new, expanded offer that also took my lower teeth into consideration. I was blown away by the fact that a full oral restoration would still cost less than fixing my upper front teeth back home. So, I told him:

“Doctor, lets schedule my next visit to get my lower teeth done!”  

The awakening of long-forgotten feelings

I was counting the days and weeks, but in the meantime enjoying my new life to the fullest. Although it was a temporary one, the fixed replacement provided a completely satisfactory solution for the healing period, both functionally and aesthetically. My first few days were about experiencing a new, long-forgotten way of eating, talking, smiling, and getting used to having more teeth.

Yes, that’s right: over the years I had forgotten the feeling of having that many teeth in my mouth. But now I could eat, talk and smile with confidence, so joy and happiness had made a comeback into my life, and my self-confidence began to soar. Being in a better mood has affected my family and social life big time – they are so happy to see me smiling, happy and enthusiastic. I got so many compliments when the change first happened.

Arriving to Budapest for the second time

Four months later we jumped on a plane and landed in beautiful Budapest again. I arrived with a big smile and absolutely no fear. This time we stayed in Budapest for 2 weeks. It was a mixture of pleasure and medical tourism.

The Wonders of Zirconium

As for the treatment part, I got my superb permanent zirconium bridge from Dr Nagy. It is metal-free, super comfortable, strong and astonishingly natural-looking. I loved it from the first moment. As for the lower part, my teeth were prepared (filed down) for the zirconium crowns. And they really look like the “crowns” of my teeth as they are stunning.

I took some selfies and sent them to friends. Wow, the reactions were overwhelming – they could not believe their eyes! My wife still can’t get enough of my new smile, and she keeps asking me to flash it. 

Budapest, you rock!

As we stayed for a longer time and had many fewer appointments, we got to explore Budapest. Oh, what a place! It’s full of history, has a beautiful landscape, fantastic people, great pubs and restaurants, and fantastic shopping.

On a day-trip we visited three small-but-historically-important and beautiful towns called Esztergom, Visegrád and Szentendre, and in the evening we took a boat back to Budapest. It was really an amazing experience – one of the best ever! The sight of the Danube bridges, the joggers and dog walkers on Margaret Island, Gellért hill with its Liberty Statue, the illuminated Castle and the Parliament… it’s a journey I will never forget.

Madenta: Helping to find that “old you”

And I will never ever forget my Madenta experience. It has completely changed my attitude about dentists and oral health care, transformed my smile, and brought joy and happiness back to my life – altogether transforming my life, completely!

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