Another great advantage of the All-on-4® concept is that the dentures are firmly affixed to the implants at a specific angle. This means that a successful procedure can be performed without bone replacement surgery, even in case of low bone mass. Thus, the process is shorter, recovery faster, and treatment more cost-effective. Via this technique, you are saved from severe surgical and financial burdens while achieving a satisfying result and a significant improvement in your quality of life.

The treatment steps
according to the All-on-4® concept

1. Consultation

Before treatment, our dental surgeon examines the condition of your teeth and jaw structure and evaluates your panoramic X-ray or CT scan in order to get the most accurate information to plan the size and position of the implants to be set in place. During the consultation, he answers any questions you may have and then prepare a personalized treatment plan and price quote.

2. Installation of the implants and temporary fixed bridge

Following the consultation, oral surgery and implantation can occur the next day. The essence of the procedure is that six or four implants are inserted into the upper jaw, and/or four into the lower to ensure that the upper and/or lower bridges are fixed and stable. The removal of existing but unusable teeth and the insertion of the implants happens in one session. Within 48-72 hours, a fixed, non-removable temporary restoration, custom-made in our dental laboratory, is inserted so you never have to spend another day without teeth!

3. Final denture insertion 

There is a healing period of about 3-6 months after implantation. During this time, with proper oral hygiene, the artificial roots will ossify and become a stable part of the jaw so we can insert the permanent fixed replacement. The permanent All-on-4® bridge can be made from the cost-effective and popular metal-ceramic, the innovative PEEK material (e.g., BioHPP), or zirconium, a landmark in prosthetics; it is your choice based on your aesthetic and other needs.

4. Regular check-up and dental hygiene treatment 

Yearly dental check-ups are necessary when wearing an All-on-4® implant, so schedule your annual appointments with us. We suggest two controls per year for patients with periodontological problems.
Attend professional cleaning appointments every 6 months. Tartar can form on artificial restorations in the same way as on normal teeth, so regular dental scaling performed by a professional dental hygienist is necessary to remove plaque and tartar and keep your mouth clean and healthy.

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