All-on-4® Dental Implants: A Fixed Solution for Unsalvageable Teeth and Full Smile Restoration


Our 70-year-old female patient approached us with a complex dental issue involving a prolonged history of severe periodontal disease leading to loose teeth.
Unfortunately, the advanced periodontal problem meant the teeth were beyond saving, leading to a discussion with our patient about replacement options.


Seeking an uncompromising, fixed solution within the shortest possible timeframe, our patient chose the All-on-4® implant procedure.
In the first surgery, Dr. Zsuzsa László extracted all unsalvageable teeth and placed four Nobel implants in the upper jawbone. Due to severe inflammation, the lower jaw implantation was delayed and carried out later by Dr. Dávid Farkas.
Following successful surgeries, our patient received a custom-made temporary prosthesis from Dr. Erika Láda within days. This fixed prosthesis eliminated the challenges associated with a removable denture.
The healing process progressed seamlessly, and the patient expressed high satisfaction with the temporary replacement in terms of both appearance and functionality.

Following the healing process, Dr. Láda designed the final bridge, considering the patient’s experience with the temporary replacement. Its material, the innovative zirconium, stands as a milestone in prosthetics.


Our patient’s life had already undergone a significant transformation just days after the surgery. Following the installation of the fixed temporary replacement, she regained the confidence to smile openly, eat without hesitation, and engage in conversations as she did with intact teeth.
The entire treatment journey spanned 11 months, from the initial assessment to delivering a beautiful, well-functioning, and durable permanent denture, offering a natural look and feel at its best.

„From the first moments, after I got the final bridge, I sensed this denture was truly mine; it fits perfectly. It’s not only beautiful but also functions flawlessly. Since completing the procedure, I’ve felt like a miracle has happened: the All-on-4® has made an incredible difference in every aspect of my life!”

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