All-on-4® Dental Implants: Fixed, Non-Removable Full Dentures in Just 48 Hours


Our 56-year-old male patient had been grappling with persistent gingivitis for an extended period, and over time, it had progressed to affect the entire periodontium. As the gum problem worsened (periodontitis), his teeth became so loose that they lost their functionality for chewing and biting; their compromised aesthetic further added to the issue. A thorough examination, including a 3D CT scan, confirmed that the damage was irreversible, leading to the decision that his teeth needed to be removed.


Our patient sought a lasting, comprehensive remedy for a dental issue that significantly impacted many aspects of his life. During our initial meeting, he emphasised his preference for a fixed solution: he didn’t want to deal with the hassles and potential embarrassment of a removable prosthesis. We presented him with the advantages of the All-on-4® procedure, outlining the key benefits of the treatment, and he readily agreed to undergo the procedure.
In a single session, Dr. Dávid Farkas removed the problematic teeth and put four implants per jawbone. Just 48 hours later, Dr. Fruzsina Erdélyi attached the custom-made temporary replacements, made from special plastic, onto the implants. The implants seamlessly fused with the bone within approximately six months. Following successful osseointegration, Dr. Erdélyi crafted the permanent zirconium-based denture, drawing on the patient’s experience with the temporary restoration.


Our patient’s smile was restored in three visits spanning a year. However, the positive impact was evident much earlier, as the temporary fixed restoration allowed her to smile freely, socialise comfortably, and overcome eating-related issues. The permanent bridge, crafted from a solid block of zirconium, not only delivered a highly aesthetic and natural appearance but also provided an exceptionally stable, strong, and durable denture for the patient.

„Thanks to the treatment, I not only got a new set of teeth but also rediscovered long-forgotten feelings and experiences. I can now smile freely, confidently interact with others, and relish eating my favourite foods. The pain, discomfort, embarrassment, and bitter moments associated with my previous dental condition are now merely distant memories. Although I remember that challenging period, I only recall it to appreciate more what I received from All-on-4® and the specialists at Madenta.”

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