Full lower-upper arch rehabilitation with All-on-4® in ten months

The Dental Problem

Our 70-year-old patient presented with a complex dental issue. He had previously undergone an implant procedure on the upper jaw at another clinic. Unfortunately, the procedure was improperly performed, and the implants were not positioned correctly, necessitating their removal. Additionally, the patient’s remaining natural teeth in the lower jaw were so loose due to advanced periodontal disease that they were no longer functional and could not be saved. We recommended the All-on-4® implant procedure for complete rehabilitation. After a thorough briefing, the patient signed the treatment plan.


During the surgical procedure, we removed the failed implants and compromised natural teeth. We then immediately placed four Nobel Biocare implants in the lower jawbone. Within days, we provided the patient with a fixed temporary bridge for the lower jaw and a removable prosthesis for the upper jaw to use during the healing period.
On the patient’s second visit, four Nobel Biocare implants were placed in the upper arch. Two days later, the temporary restoration for this area was secured onto these implants. After a brief healing period of a few months, the patient returned to our clinic once more: 10 months after the initial consultation, they received the final lower-upper All-on-4® bridge made of full-contour zirconia, also known as monolithic zirconia. Thanks to its material properties, full-contour zirconia is highly suitable for the comprehensive rehabilitation of both the lower and upper jaws.


In just ten months, our patient’s smile underwent a remarkable transformation with the All-on-4® treatment. He can now savour his favourite foods without hesitation, confidently engage in all aspects of life, and bid farewell to dental problems for good. From now on, he will enjoy the benefits of a stable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing smile.

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