Missing Teeth, Worn Teeth, Amalgam Fillings – Dental Rehabilitation with Zirconium Bridges and Crowns

The Dental Problem

Our 56-year-old patient presented with significant tooth loss in the upper arch, impacting the smile zone and causing both functional and aesthetic concerns. The remaining natural teeth were severely damaged due to chronic nocturnal bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching). Additionally, there was a missing tooth in the molar region of the lower arch, and old amalgam fillings on the opposite side also required replacement. The patient desired a metal-free, aesthetic and long-lasting solution.


We performed tooth extraction and a sinus lift procedure in the upper arch, followed by placing two implants. After the healing period, the patient received an aesthetically pleasing and durable zirconia bridge anchored to both the implants and the natural teeth. A bridge was also placed to replace the missing tooth in the lower arch. Additionally, we removed the amalgam fillings and restored the affected teeth with crowns.


The entire treatment spanned just three visits over 14 months. The patient was delighted with the aesthetic look and natural feel of the new restorations and left our clinic fully satisfied. To maintain these results, as recommended for all our patients prone to bruxism, we advised him to wear a nighttime mouthguard regularly.

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