Teeth Lost Due to Periodontal Disease: Smile Rehabilitation with All-on-4® in Just 9 Months

The Dental Problem

Years of gum disease had left our 71-year-old female patient with loose, wiggling teeth. The weakened gums could no longer hold her teeth securely. An X-ray confirmed that her teeth were beyond saving. Fortunately, her bone structure was suitable for immediate implant placement, making her a candidate for the revolutionary All-on-4® implant technology. This innovative approach offers a comprehensive solution for patients with extensive tooth loss or severely compromised teeth, providing a fixed new set of teeth within days after implantation. After discussing the benefits of All-on-4®, she readily agreed to the treatment plan.


Following the tooth extractions, we strategically placed four implants in each jawbone in a single surgical procedure. Just a few days later, we attached a custom-made temporary bridge to the implants, allowing the patient to have a fixed and stable set of teeth during the healing period while the implants integrated into the jawbone.
After nine months, the patient returned for the most exciting part of the process – receiving her permanent new smile! We took a new impression using our intraoral scanner and sent it to the lab. The CAD/CAM-designed zirconium bridge was ready within a few working days.


When we installed the final All-on-4® bridge, the patient immediately remarked – without even looking in the mirror – that it felt comfortable and natural, like having her own teeth back. Upon seeing her renewed smile, she was deeply touched. She left our clinic happy, satisfied, and confident with her new smile.

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