• Arrived at Madenta in 2018.
• He is a resident dentoalveolar surgeon.
• He carries out oral surgery procedures such as wisdom tooth removal, dental implantation.
• He’s a perfectionist who is patient, persistent and very thorough.
• For him, the patient’s well-being is top priority, so his primary aim is to relieve anxiety by creating a relaxed atmosphere. For the sake of successful treatment, he believes it is essential to build mutual trust and to help patients understand what can be expected during the procedure. • He speaks English.

• She’s a dentoalveolar surgeon.
• Since 2014, she has been a pillar of Madenta’s medical team.
Dr. László performs dental implantation and other oral surgery (e.g. wisdom tooth removal).
In addition to traditional implantology techniques, she regularly uses revolutionary All-on-4 technology, whose intricacies were introduced to her by chief medical officer dr. György Peter.
• Persistent, conscientious and a perfectionist, she strives to create an anxiety-free atmosphere and painless treatments. She emphasizes providing patients with adequate information.
• She speaks English and Italian.

• She joined Madenta’s medical team in 2017.
• Practices preventative dentistry and concentrates on denture/tooth replacement.
• Her specialties include general, preventative, and, above all, aesthetic dentistry, but she is also proficient in oral surgery.
• Dr. Dorka works to keep her knowledge of every area up to date.
• She employs a solutions-oriented approach.
• She strives for painless, precise care with the end result being aesthetic and natural.
• She considers cooperation between doctor and patient, communication, trust and confidence to be crucial elements of their relationship.
• She is a confident speaker of English, German, and Romanian.

• In 2015, she joined Madenta during her residency.
• Practitioner of preventative dentistry and denture specialist.
• Her areas of professional focus are preventative dentistry and smile design, remedying aesthetic and functional defects with aesthetic fillings, using various denture options.
• Dr. Láda regularly participates in industry events and trainings, and implements the most modern procedures.
• She believes that without mutual trust and harmony between doctor and patient, a perfect result cannot be achieved. During treatments, she works towards informing and setting patients at ease.
• She speaks English, German and Spanish.

• Head of the Madenta Dental Centre since 2016.
• As head physician, he manages and is in charge of the daily activities of the clinic’s dental professionals (doctors, assistants, dental hygienists), ensures full compliance with established professional protocol, and coordinates the work of various specialists in order to ensure efficient, coordinated, smooth and high quality care.
• His areas of expertise are dental implantation, complete dental rehabilitation and related surgical interventions.
• Specialties: Immediate denture preparation for implants; a wide range of implant prostheses prepared with CAD/CAM technology (from zirconium, titanium, metal ceramic, BioHpp, etc.); bone replacement procedures; wisdom tooth removal. He has extensive experience in the revolutionary All-on-4 implantation process, has been a pioneer in applying this novel dental technology in Hungary, and has performed on an exceptionally high number of cases.
• He is a regular participant at Hungarian and international trainings, and takes part in implantology and dental conferences.
• At Madenta, several oral surgeons consider him their mentor.
• Dr. Péter emphasizes creating a calm, positive atmosphere and a trusting relationship between physician and patient.
• He speaks English and German.

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