Dr. Árpád Nagy

DMD, dentist

•  He has been strengthening Madenta Dental Centre’s team since 2018, and recently began leading the prosthetics department.
• To ensure smooth treatment for a large number of foreign patients, in addition to the appropriate technological equipment (CT, intraoral scanner) and technological background, there is also a need for coordinated cooperation between specialists from various fields. As a professional leader in prosthetics, Dr. Nagy organizes and manages work in different fields, which requires that he plan and think ahead.
• Dr. Nagy is the creator of the SmileWarp system, the first in the world of dentistry to provide the opportunity to save, store and re-execute smiles digitally.
• An expert in digital dentistry, in a short period of time he has gained extraordinary skills in the use of widely-used, innovative  intraoral scanners; he also instructs colleagues on how to use the technology.
• He places special emphasis on aesthetics, backing that up with technological and industry innovations to achieve high quality results. These include GlamSmile digital smile design, wax-up and mock-up, and the SmileWarp process he created.
• He specializes in high volume treatments, regularly performs full dental rehabilitation, even implements full circular bridges with, for example, zirconium, one of the leading materials used for dentures.
• When planning a treatment, he involves the patient in the belief that if the patient understands the goal, he/she places much more trust in the process and is more cooperative. He believes the basis for a successful procedure is communication based on trust and a common language.
• He speaks English.