Payment methods

  • Payment in cash (EUR, euro, €), on the spot, at the end of each appointment – the best and cheapest way for you to pay.
  • Payment by credit card on the spot: a simple and secure transaction. If you choose to pay by credit card, please make sure that you don’t have daily transaction limits in place that are less than the amount you would like to pay. Our electronic payment terminals automatically deduct the sum of your bill in euro and you will not take any loss on the exchange rate (Please note! Hungary is not part of the euro zone; the official currency in Hungary is the “‘forint”’ , which is officially denoted HUF and whose value can fluctuate). Please be informed that we currently DO NOT ACCEPT American Express credit cards. We do accept Visa and Maestro.
  • Bank transfer in advance (prepayment) from your home country – a safe transaction. All of our quotes are made in euro, the exact amount of which you should transfer from your account.

All of our quotes are made in euro, the exact amount of which you should transfer from your account.

Additional information

Please also note that our clinic does not accept cheques!


For prosthetic work, at least 50% of the price of the scheduled procedure must be transferred to our account or must be paid on the spot before the start of treatments. In the case of bank transfer, it is imperative that the amount reach our account before the beginning of the treatment regimen, and you can pay the remaining 50% upon completion of treatment at the end of your care by bank card, or in cash on the spot.

Additional discounts

Our clinic offers a 3% discount on treatment plans including implants with a total value of EUR 5,000 or above, and a 6% discount on treatment plans whose a value is EUR 10,000 or above.


Madenta provides a multi-year guarantee for every dental treatment you have done with us. Click here to read more about it!

Dental Holiday Service

For those who travel to Budapest for their dental treatment, we provide several extra services in order to ensure that their procedures and treatment go as smoothly as possible.

We assure you that Madenta does not charge extra for its “Dental Holiday Package” services; these costs are included in our treatment prices, which you may have noted are slightly higher for our patients who travel from abroad to Budapest. This is to ensure that our foreign customers receive increased flexibility for their clinic appointments, to make maximum use of their visit to Hungary, and wide-ranging and dedicated assistance in several languages, whether it be at the clinic itself or having to do with any aspect of the patient’s stay in Budapest.

We believe that the extra expediency and flexibility we offer you, our foreign patients, means that overall you end up saving time and money. Our Dental Holiday services truly ensure that everything goes as planned.

Any questions?

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