DENTAL STAY: The course of treatment

We at Madenta like to call this combination your „Dental Holiday,” which we can help you plan, step by step, whether you’d like just a simple procedure like getting your teeth cleaned, or would opt for complex treatments like dental implantation.

STEP 1 – Making contact

You get in touch with us, either by registering on our site or writing to us at the following address: [email protected] 
For a quote and personalized dental treatment plan we will ask you to send us a panoramic X-Ray and/or a simple photo of your teeth that you can take with a camera or your mobile phone.

STEP 2 – Treatment plan and quote

Our dentist studies your panoramic X-ray and prepares a detailed treatment plan with all the necessary details regarding the type and duration of treatments and how many days and visits are needed.

STEP 3 – Planning your stay

If you decide to come and have your treatments done in Hungary, we will help you organize your stay in Budapest. All you have to do is choose the dates that suit you best, book your plane tickets and we take care of the rest. We kindly ask you to send us the confirmation of your booked flight ticket, or a screenshot of it so that we can finalize the date of your dental appointments.

STEP 4 – Arrival in Budapest, accommodation

Once you arrive in Budapest, you will be welcomed in our facilities for a free preliminary examination, i.e. a consultation, our treatment recommendations, and then help you decide if and when you plan to start treatment. As needed, we can help you book your accommodation through our partnerships with hotels and private apartments near our clinic. These make for reasonable, discounted prices for you, so do not hesitate to contact us for a referral or advice regarding where to stay – we can even make the reservation if you like.

STEP 5 – Treatment process

If you decide to accept the plan that we propose to you during the preliminary examination, your treatment can begin whenever you want. You will have to return to Budapest (unless you planned on staying 10 days) to begin the treatment offered in your treatment plan. As every individual’s dental condition varies, based upon the assessment of your dentist we will confirm the exact duration of your treatment.

STEP 6 – Departure from Budapest

When your series of treatments has been completed, you will be able to depart from Budapest with a new smile, including the confidence that we’ve got you covered: we await your return for regular, yearly check-ups – which are an obligatory part of (and ensure the validity) of our guarantee.

Info about Budapest

A cultural metropolis, Budapest is home to one of the most beautiful opera houses in the world and is also a popular destination for festivals, like the famous Sziget Festival, a real European Woodstock, which attracts a large crowd each year.

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