All-on-4®: Fixed Full Dentures in 48 Hours

The Dental Problem

The 56-year-old patient’s persistent gum issues resulted in loose teeth, affecting both function and appearance. The periodontal problem was deemed irreversible and had progressed beyond the point where the teeth could be saved. Considering this, we discussed treatment possibilities with the patient.


To achieve a long-lasting, fixed solution and avoid challenges associated with removable prostheses, the patient chose the All-on-4® procedure.
In a single session, Dr. Dávid Farkas removed all teeth and implanted four Nobel implants per jawbone. 2 days later, Dr. Erdélyi attached the personalised temporary bridge to the implants. Following the six-month healing period, the patient received a premium-quality zirconium-based permanent denture as a final step.


Our patient’s smile was restored in just three visits over a year.
The temporary restoration had an immediate positive impact, allowing him to smile freely, socialise comfortably, and eat well. The final zirconium bridge is aesthetically pleasing and provides a durable, stable, long-lasting denture.

„I found happiness in smiling, socialising and enjoying my favourite foods again. The pain, embarrassment and challenges from my past dental issues are now just distant memories, serving as a reminder of what I gained from All-on-4® and Madenta.”

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