All-on-4: The Secret to a Life Transformed

Sometimes, even we are surprised at how much a patient’s life is transformed due to dental treatment. Here is the latest success story that we were lucky enough to facilitate, narrated by its main character, Hlynur.


Right This Way… to a Happy Smile with Madenta and the All-on-4 Technology

Over the past year, Katalin has been through a series of treatments at Madenta. First, her lower, then upper teeth were removed, and All-on-4 implants were put in to replace them. After a few months of healing, a final zirconia denture was installed. Today, it is difficult to imagine that this shiny, happy woman lived for years without a smile on her face.


All-on-4 – The Secret Behind a New Smile

A patient in his 50s, József has gone on a long journey with Madenta. He sought out and received solutions to some serious dental problems. As a result of his treatment, not only did he receive a healthy, beautiful denture, but also a new, liberated and happy life filled with smiles.


The Beginning of a New Life

Asdis is one of the many foreign patients who travel to Hungary for dental services at Madenta. Following a rather complex, but smooth and successful dental treatment, including tooth removal, temporary crown placement, and a permanent zirconium bridge placement 4 months later, she was happy to share her experiences at Madenta with us.


Where Smiles are Created and Trust is Rebuilt

Madenta Dental Clinic in Budapest has always had an extensive international clientele. Due to direct flights, recently more and more international patients people have been coming to our clinic for various treatments. One of these individuals is the cheerful and energetic Sonja, who has been scared of going to the dentist for decades. Her phobia was quite severe: every time she went to the dentist, she got sweaty palms and her pulse raced.


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