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We strive to give you the very best results and all the happiness a new smile can bring to your life. However, unexpected events can happen – even beyond our or your control. It is simply because dental procedures – just like any other medical procedure – are carried out on a living organism, meaning there are numerous factors outside of a doctor’s control. We at Madenta Dental Clinic believe that the warranty should serve as a safety net, giving our patients peace of mind after they’ve left our clinic. 

We take pride in having a low incidence of corrective maintenance, and also being transparent and showing the full details of the terms and conditions in a way that is clear and easy to understand. 

These aspects provide security for our patients, bolster our professional confidence:

  • 20+ years in business 
  • Approx. 200,000 local and international patients 
  • Numerous complex cases, resulting in a high level of expertise
  • Exceptional quality, long-term solutions as opposed to a “drill-fill-bill” approach 
  • Premium quality materials, only world-class brands and state-of-the-art, digital technology 
  • Strict professional protocols and quality controls, which we extend to our partners (suppliers, laboratories).


Subject to the terms and conditions listed below, Madenta Dental Clinic will repair or replace – at no charge – any treatment within coverage that fails due to faulty materials or workmanship, provided that the patient fulfils his/her responsibilities as described under our warranty conditions. 


Dental treatment  Warranty period Remarks
Fixed prostheses (crown, bridge)3 yearsWarranty does not cover provisional restorations (temporary crowns, bridges, dentures)
All-on-4® bridge 3 years 
Partial / full denture 1 year 
Fillings1 year
Inlay / Onlay3 years
Implants5 yearsIn the event of implant loss within 5 years of placement, Madenta Dental Clinic will cover the cost of replacement, provided that the patient has complied with the warranty conditions listed below.
Please note that if – 3 years after treatment –  prostheses failure occurs due to an implant loss, only the implants are covered by warranty. 
Implant (screw only)Lifetime (according to manufacturer’s commitment)The lifetime warranty given by the manufacturer covers damage to the implant material (material damage, fracture) as a result of a possible manufacturing defect. This warranty does not cover abutments or implant prostheses (crowns, bridges).

The warranty takes effect following completion of the treatment and is valid until the end of the warranty’s specified validity period. For example, if implantation with a 5-year warranty is completed on 1 January 2022, then this procedure is covered under the warranty until 1 January 2027, given the patient has strictly adhered to our terms and conditions, as specified below.


In order to maintain the warranty periods as indicated above, patients must meet the following prerequisites: 


Patients must attend an annual check-up (2 visits per year in case of periodontal problems). A check-up for our patients at Madenta is free of charge. However, if you have no complaints and would prefer to avoid the hassle of travelling, having a check-up in your home country with your local doctor is also an option. In that case, you must provide us with the following documents sent via email: a panoramic X-ray taken during the follow-up examination to assess your condition, and a copy of the invoice.


Patients must also get a professional dental hygiene treatment at least once a year (if the dentist orders otherwise, at the appropriate frequency).


Oral hygiene is key to preventing infection and keeping your gums healthy, so you must adhere to a strict routine of cleaning your teeth. 


Our clinic reserves the right to void any warranty under certain circumstances, such as if: 

  • the patient fails to attend the required check-ups and oral hygiene treatments
  • the patient neglects general oral hygiene
  • the patient fails to follow the recommendations and instructions of his/her doctor
  • the problem is caused by poor maintenance or  inappropriate use (e.g., extreme force overloading of prostheses, implants)
  • the prosthesis is injured or broken in an accident, during sports, due to teeth grinding, etc., or is damaged by chemicals
  • gum recession and / or bone loss occurs
  • the presence of certain diseases or conditions that negatively affect the health of the oral cavity (e.g., diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, radiation, chemotherapy, immunodeficiency disorders, rheumatoid arthritis)
  • if the patient gains / loses significant weight within a short time, or the patient is malnourished
  • if the patient has bad lifestyle habits (heavy smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, drug abuse), or gets hormone therapy treatment
  • if the patient suffers from psychological problems or mental illness 
  • if a fracture occurs in tooth matter under the crown/bridge
  • if the patient, who is prone to bruxism (nocturnal teeth grinding) and teeth clenching, does not wear the nightguard prescribed by their doctor and the dental work is damaged as a consequence
  • future root canal treatment of the crowned / bridged teeth or any complications, the cause of which was not revealed by the X-ray taken at the time of the assessment and was therefore not foreseeable
  • if the patient fails to pay for the procedures we have carried out.


If you have a complaint, please report it to us immediately – within 48 hours at the latest! 

Contact details: 

Phone: +36 20 325 6054

E-mail: [email protected]

Your complaint will be acknowledged and answered within 48 hours at the latest by our clinic. In most cases, dental problems can be diagnosed based on the patient’s narrative and X-rays / CT scans taken at the time of the treatment. However, we may ask you to attend a videoconference with our doctor(s) for further clarification. 

  • Minor repair in the patient’s home country   

After thoroughly assessing the situation, we may conclude that the patient only needs a minor intervention that a third-party doctor can carry out. In that case, we will ask the patient to visit the dentist of their choice in their home country. In such an instance, we will reimburse the cost necessary to fix the problem up to €100. The patient must provide proof of the procedure with an invoice and an X-ray, which we request be sent by email. 

Some examples of minor repairs: fixing loose crowns / bridges or adjusting dentures or bridges

  • Warranty repairs at Madenta 

If the problem requires a more serious intervention, the patient must return to our clinic within 3 months of reporting the issue. In this case, we will cover the cost of your flight up to a maximum of  €150 and fix your problem free of charge (including dental lab work).

PLEASE NOTE that if your problem qualifies as a warranty case, you must: 

  • present yourself for corrective treatment (at Madenta if not advised otherwise) to solve the problem within 3 months of reporting the problem 
  • not let a third-party dentist make any corrections without consulting us. 

Failure to comply with those stipulations will lead to termination of the warranty.  


We pledge to stand by you, our patients, until we have found a solution that is completely satisfying for both parties, both professionally and personally.  Please remember, if there is anything you need we are just a phone call away. Ring us on (+36 20 325 6054), or use the quick contact form below to get in touch.

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