Locator-Retained Overdenture: Implant-Fixed Solution Without Bone Grafting

The Dental Problem

Our patient, aged 72, had already lost all his teeth by the time he contacted us. He wore a removable denture that, as seen in the photo above, had become significantly worn out.
Due to severe bone loss, there were limited options to address the problem. The All-on-4® treatment, which is typically effective for similar cases and does not require bone grafting, was not suitable in this instance. Since the patient declined bone grafting, conventional implantation was also not an option.


The patient had enough bone density in the lower jaw to support four implants without bone grafting procedure. Therefore, we recommended a locator-retained overdenture (also called a „click-in” or „snap-in” denture) to replace the lower teeth. This kind of denture offers a hybrid solution as it is connected to – typically 4 – dental implants for support while remaining removable for easy maintenance.
Compared to traditional removable prostheses, click-in dentures offer greater comfort, more stability and a natural-looking smile. They should be removed daily for cleaning, which is a simple routine to learn. The fixed parts of the dentures require the same cleaning as natural teeth.
To begin the process, we placed four dental implants in the lower jaw to support the click-in denture. After the healing period (osseointegration), we attached the locator abutments to the screws. Finally, we securely fixed the custom-made prosthesis to these abutments.
Unfortunately, the upper jawbone was not suitable for implantation at all, so we opted for a traditional removable denture instead of a fixed one.


Our patient’s rehabilitation lasted seven months and included three visits. We provided a cost-effective, fixed lower denture without bone replacement, and a carefully designed and constructed removable upper denture that is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for our patient. He left satisfied with the results

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