Patient with Severe Peri-Implantitis:
A Comprehensive Dental Restoration

The Dental Problem

Dental implants have a success rate exceeding 95%. When the procedure is performed by a skilled professional, and the patient follows post-treatment instructions, complications are exceptionally rare. However, exceptions do occur.
Our 66-year-old female patient sought help due to chronic inflammation around her implants, which were inserted many years ago in the upper jawbone by another clinic. The condition, called peri-implantitis, severely damaged her gum tissues and jawbone, making the implants unsalvageable.
Additionally, we had to find a solution for her ill-fitting and unattractive old removable prosthesis in the lower arch.


After removing the upper-jaw-implants, a six-month healing period followed. When the patient returned, an X-ray revealed insufficient bone volume for re-implantation. Due to financial constraints and personal factors, the patient opted not to undergo a bone grafting procedure or the bone grafting-free All-on-4® implant treatment. Instead, we provided a traditional removable denture to replace the missing upper teeth.
The lower jawbone was suitable for implantation, so we decided on a locator-retained overdenture (known as a snap-in or click-in denture), which attaches to implants (usually 4) while remaining removable for easy daily cleaning. We chose this “hybrid” solution based on professional considerations: when one arch requires a removable restoration, it’s best to choose a removable solution for the other arch as well in a dual-arch restoration process.


The implant-based locator (snap-in) denture provides improved stability, better chewing function, and a more secure fit than a traditional removable denture, all at a cost-effective rate. The patient also found the removable upper arch prosthesis aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. The treatment significantly improved the patient’s quality of life.

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