Dr. Dávid Farkas

Dentoalveolar surgeon specialist, chief of prosthodontics

  • Dr. Dávid Farkas arrived in Madenta in 2018 and soon became a vital team member. He is now head of prosthodontics.
  • He regularly performs full mouth rehabilitations based on the innovative All-on-4 implant technology and other techniques; highly experienced in complex, high-volume procedures
  • He believes that oral surgeons and prosthodontists play equal roles in full mouth rehabilitation from planning to execution. He quickly realised that professionally the best combination is to be skilled in both fields, therefore he has striven to broaden and deepen his prosthetic knowledge ever since the beginning. He was so successful that, although oral surgery is his chosen field, he was appointed as a matter expert of Madenta’s prosthetics team in 2021.
  • Even though great responsibility comes with this position, the challenges motivate him. He aims to constantly refine and update working methods while maintaining the highest professional standards.
  • When treating a patient, he is happy to solve a problem, but of course, the patient’s well-being comes first; he seeks to establish a personal relationship, calm the patient, and relieve anxiety. He believes that building trust is the key to success. He makes it a priority to ensure that the patient understands what is happening, so he takes the time to provide thorough information. He is extremely popular with our patients due to his patience, persistence, professional confidence, maximalism, open, honest communication, and empathetic approach.
  • Many of our international patients have him to thank for their renewed smiles.
  • He speaks English.